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Replace the cheap foam tape on your truck cap with our high-quality OEM rubber seals. Our seals will fit any truck model.
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If you have a product that needs taping, ESI is your source. We apply tape to surfaces such as rubber and metal.

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Why is it important to use high quality EPDM rubber seals on your truck cap?

Some truck caps that sit on the rails of your truck are cushioned by low density foam, sponge or rubber seal or tape.

In a very short time, the weight of the cap compresses the low density seal down to nothing and the vibrations of the cap frame begins to scratch the painted surface of your rails causing the paint to peel. Moisture will get underneath and begin to rust the top surface of your rails. Every time you remove your cap, you will need to replace the low density seal or tape.

Using ESI's quality rubber seals on your truck cap, you can prevent vibrations, scuff and rust damage and provide the best moisture barrier seal. You will be able to take your cap on and off without having to replace our seals.



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